September 22, 2014

Find a Vintage Market, find a piece of Heaven!!

Yesterday afternoon, I had the opportunity to go to a vintage fair out in Highland, Illinois. Even thought I found it to be VERY strange that they named it the Saint Louis Vintage Market Days, but hey it is what it is. So I heard about this market from a family member who went out there Saturday afternoon. She had taken a picture of some vintage cameras. Recently I had been obsessed with getting my hands on a TLR camera and in her picture there were around 4 different options. 

Photo credit: Amy Hopper-Davis
I immediately zeroed in on the black one that was at the bottom. I figured it had to be a Yashica or even maybe a Rolliflex or Rollicord. So I decided Saturday night that I was going to go check out this market to see if maybe the camera was still available, for $50 it was a huge steal. Yet my biggest issue was waiting on AT&T to come out Sunday morning and fix a TV issue. Thankfully they came through and were done by 10:30am.

After mapping my route to get out to fair I realized that this was going to be a bit of a trek. Almost an hour to get to the Madison County Fairgrounds. So I made my way there and I couldn't believe how many corn fields are in the area. I eventually made it to my destination and ended up parking on a baseball field along with numerous other cars.

I start making my way over to the fair grounds and there didn't seem to be that much activity but when I eventually did make it to the main entrance to pay my $5 admission fee, holy crap.....this place was BUSY. I was absolutely amazed at all the people there and all the different items that were up for sale. I saw vintage clothes, furniture, accessories, jewelry, you name it was probably there. 

Yet the biggest surprise was seeing a former coworker also out there with her wares.  Kathleen Berhman owns Buddha, Body and Bath. She makes wonderful handmade soaps, candles, lotions, and lip balms.

 There was also 2 huge barns that had vendors in them as well as two warehouse buildings also with vendors. I walked around and took in the sites. I actually made more than one trip of the whole place just to make sure I saw everything. I did eventually buy a few things.

Soaps for my mom from Buddha Body and Bath


Wine Caddy from Reclaim Renew


Homemade leather bracelets with hammered brass designs from Barn Trash


There were a few food trucks as well and I decided to try the pizza truck and I must say it was pretty good!

Slice of the Hill

I also made sure to take plenty of pictures so I could remember the event. I definitely plan on coming back again.  In regards to the camera I was originally interested in, I did find the seller and her booth. Unfortunately she had sold the camera (it was a Yashica) Saturday evening but I did get her business card so I might look her up in a few months to see if she was able to find any more TLR cameras. 

Villa Design

The Vintage Market will be back in Saint Louis during the Christmas Holidays.

Until the next episode....

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