May 1, 2014

#Shake38 Shakespeare festival: Cleopatra and Antony

This past Friday I had the opportunity to participate in the Shakespeare festival which is known as Shake38. A friend of mine contacted me on April 20th and informed me that someone was going to be putting on a festival and was interested in having someone there talking about lotions and body butters and recommended my name to the person. 

So I made contact with the lady by the name Ilene Berman. We decided to meetup the next day at Chronicle Coffee  so we could talk and go over what she would need from me. I made sure to bring her a sample of my shea butters so she may try them out.

Overall we had a great discussion and she informed me of the concept she was envisioning since she was in charge of the Shakespeare play, Cleopatra and Antony. I left there with ideas already brewing in my head. I needed to make up business cards, produce product labels for my shea butters, and get other items so I could give out samples.

By the time Friday came around I was ready and left work early so I could make my way to the location with plenty of time to spare. I was able to relax for a while and take in some lunch at the The Best Steakhouse off of Grand.

So I make my way to my destination 30 minutes in advance so I could have a parking spot and met Ilene at the sidewalk. She introduced me to another lady who would be doing hair, Ayanna Thompson and another lady, Angela Malchionno was on her way who would be doing nails. She was also going to bring a spare table for me to use so I may lay out my items.

My table

So the event officially started at 1:30pm, Ilene was kind enough to let me use a table cloth she brought along. 

So throughout the day people came through and I talked about my products, gave out samples and my business cards. The other ladies there also were showing off their crafts. The young lady that was doing hair was doing an amazing job styling locks and even did my hair at the end.

Angela was kept busy the whole time.

By 3:30pm the event was winding down and Ayanna was doing my hair in a pretty up do. Around 4pm we were officially done and everyone was ready to go. I gave Ayanna a ride home and relaxed for the rest of the day. Overall I had a great time and told Ilene that I would be interested in the future of participating in another sidewalk show.

A few pictures of the hair style Ayanna Thompson did for me.

The right side was slowly unraveling so I took it down.

Until the next episode....

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