May 19, 2009

the nightmare that is my car

Okay so today is Tuesday. That's right Tuesday, my car has been in the shop since last Monday. So I decide to call up to my mechanic to see if it's ready's been a week. He gives me the good news that it's finally done and once work was over (and I'm NOT even gonna go into the day that I had at work) I could come through and pick it up. Well mom comes thru at 2:30pm to pick me up. She takes me to the mechanic to get my ride and I decide to take it out for a spin instead of going home.

So I get on the highway and make my way to the Saint Louis Mills. I felt something wasn't right with the car when I left the mechanic lot. I just know how my car is suppose to ride and it just didn't feel sure of its self. So as I'm on the highway I could tell that I had to give it extra push on the pedal just to accelerate and I was getting up in speed as quickly as I was used to.

So I finally get to the Mills and once I get to the Red light before turning into the parking lot, my car dies. Right before it happened though I noticed the oil light had come on. So I am able to start the car up again and make it to the parking lot. But not before it stopped again at the stop sign right before turning INTO THE PARKING LOT!!!!!!!!!!1

So I call my mom and inform her of the dilema. I told her I would make my way back to the mechanic and give her a call once I was within close range. Well I go to the bookstore and chillout for a minute contemplating if I should take the highway again or just side streets. So about an 30 minutes later I leave and I get in my car. It definitely isn't feeling right so as soon as i get to a red stop light. Do you know what happens??????????? Yep the car dies. So I'm like PHUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I gather my wits and I decide to just take side streets to get home. So I make my way to Bridgeton Best Buy and stop there to checkout somethings. Leave there and continue up St. charles rock rd. I notice everytime i have to stop the car dies.....So I make the nutzy decision to get back on the highway and try my luck to get back to my mechanic since he is off of North Hanley and Natural Bridge.

Well everything is going alright until I hit some bad track ON THE HIGHWAY, soooo I had to slow down.....soooooo I eventually had to stop...... soooooooo the car eventually went dead. Over 10 times while the traffic on the highway was crawling at a snail pace. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I eventually get to the Natural Bridge exit and decide to just it all the way up to North Hanley.

That decision....definitely was a sticky situation. To start off not only did I have to combat the red lights but I also had to deal with the traffic that ALSO had decided to get off from the highway. So after cutting of an ADDITIONAL 5 more times I made it back to the mechanic and gave him the keys and told him it wasn't fixed yet.

By that time my mom had just gotten up there and after I relayed back the story to her, she said, Damn. So my plans for this evening are shot. I had planned to go to the UMSL Library on North Campus and study for my Spanish class but now I'll just have to do it at home. Man this sure does suck....
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