February 20, 2009

mixed feelings

I turned 30 this week. Can you believe it? 30 years old. I enjoyed my weekend leading up to my bday. It's great having a 3 day vacation:) Especially when you throw President's day into the mix for that Monday. So I decided to treat myself and rented a motel by the airport Monday morning. I stayed there for some of the day then went out for a while with some shopping and getting something to eat. Then I went boxing and had a great workout. I went back to the motel, took a shower and relaxed before putting on some more clothes and went to McGurk's to get my favorite dish. After that I went home and got some rest before going to work the next day.

Fast forward to Feb. 17th, it's my bday!! I go to work but leave early due to some dr. appointments. Afterwards I go to Chesterfield mall to have lunch at the Cheesecake factory. Get some shopping in then go out to the Chesterfield Common's Shopping District and bought some new Boxing gloves. I have been having issues with skinnin my knuckles on my last pair and needed to upgrade. I also visited the Best Buy out there as well and I must say I was enjoyin the weather. With the dark clouds and light rain. I just closed my eyes and smiled. After leaving there, I went boxing and after that went home to unwind.

On Wednesday night I got together with friends at SubZero and enjoyed a few drinks and some sushi. I must also say that it was really cool to get all the Happy birthday wishes on my Facebook page. One of my best friend's has her birthday on Feb. 16th and she always lets me know that she is older than me:)

Normally I love my birth month even though I can't spell it (lol). But a sore spot for me has pretty much been Valentine's Day. I enjoy it because it makes me think about my friends and family, but don't really care for it because it reminds me that i don't have (not that I need) someone special for myself. Hell if I recall I think I spent this past Valentine's doing massages with a friend of mine on a couple which was really cool, then I went boxing and then I took my ass home:)

Also with me turning 30 I still feel I haven't really started to do what I want to do. I'm not really the person I want to be. So with me quitting one job, and really trying to focus with re-entry to college, hopefully this year as well as this month will bring me renew energy to see this through. But from what I hear, the 30's are the new 20's right?
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